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Update on Potential Integration with Cornerstone Partnership

The Network and Cornerstone Partnership continue to explore the possibility of joining forces to

increase our collective impact. We are still early on in the process and no decisions have been made, but we wanted to keep members informed of the process. Based on early stakeholder interviews and an examination of the work of both organizations, the joint planning committee directed staff to develop a vision for what a combined organization could accomplish.


While not yet complete, this vision will articulate the core purpose of our potential work together and present a clear picture of the potential impact on communities across the country. The vision needs to be compelling for our members and other stakeholders, and provide a clear path to increased impact and sustainability for the Network to move forward.


Photo: Melora Hiller

Melora Hiller, Executive Director

Once the vision is drafted, Network members will be invited to provide feedback.  Following the principle that form follows

function, the next step will be to propose an organizational structure to achieve that vision.  As always, members will have an opportunity to weigh in and ultimately vote on whether to proceed with a final plan. If you have any thoughts you’d like to share now, please send them to Melora Hiller at


Melora Hiller, Network Executive Director


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