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Community Land Trusts

While this entire website is dedicated to community land trusts, what you will find on this page is specific, technical information and academic research related to the model—what makes a CLT a CLT—as well as some resources around the history of the CLT movement in the United States. For additional general information about CLTs, we encourage you to look at the “Exploration” page on the topical index.


Written Materials & Publications

The Burlington Community Land Trust: A Socialist Approach to Affordable Housing?

ACADEMIC JOURNAL ARTICLE: Steven D. Soifer. (1990). Journal of Urban Affairs, Volume 12(3).


CLTs: A Growing Trend in Affordable Home Ownership

ACADEMIC ARTICLE: Julie Farrell Curtin & Lance Bocarsly. (Summer, 2008). Journal of Affordable Housing & Community Development Law, Volume 17(4).


A New Way Forward: Native Nations, Nonprofitization, Community Land Trusts and the Indigenous Shadow State

ACADEMIC JOURNAL ARTICLE: Samuel W. Rose. (2011). Nonprofit Policy Forum, Volume 2(1).


Charter of the New Urbanism, 2nd Edition (with Community Land Trust section)

BOOK: Emily Talen. (2013). McGraw-Hill.


Model Documents & Examples

Related Resources

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