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Strengthen Inclusionary Housing in your Community: November 6th

Cornerstone Partnership, with support from the National Community Land Trust Network, is offering an afternoon of training on inclusionary housing in the Bay Area on Thursday, November 6th.


Join the Movement: How to Tailor Inclusionary Housing Policies for Your Community

Many of us are familiar with inclusionary housing policies in one or two jurisdictions, but know less about what is happening in other places. The boundaries of our knowledge can limit our ability to craft or advocate for more effective policies. During this interactive workshop, we will examine case studies, conduct hands-on exercises, and encourage peer-to-peer sharing to explore the incredible diversity of inclusionary housing programs today.  Participants will be encouraged to ask “which of these models would work best in my community?”  We will also introduce Cornerstone Partnership’s new Inclusionary Calculator to model the financial implications of adjusting inclusionary requirements and developer incentives. By understanding the true financial impact of inclusionary housing from the perspective of a market rate developer, community-based organizations can more effectively advocate for policies that suit their local market conditions.  Whether you are an expert in inclusionary housing policy or are new to the field, you are invited to attend.


More details and registration.


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