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Strategic Plan: The Network’s Next 3 Years

The National Community Land Trust Network board recently adopted a new strategic plan to guide the organization for the next three years. While we will always be at heart an organization committed to the values and community benefits of Community Land Trusts, we also see the need to expand our reach, both to further our mission and to ensure our ongoing sustainability. Increasingly, we have been asked to contribute our expertise and resources to help other nonprofits and public agencies who share our values around stewardship and permanent affordability. Our strategic plan envisions us contributing to a substantial increase in the number of permanently affordable housing (PAH) units; federal, state, and local funding programs and policies that incentivize long term affordability; and accessible first mortgage products available everywhere in the country for PAH homebuyers. To achieve that vision the board believes that a closer relationship with Cornerstone Partnership is critical.

 The Network and Cornerstone Partnership are now engaged in conversations to explore a strategic partnership that will enable us to grow our impact and become more sustainable. Meanwhile, both organizations remain committed to finding opportunities that expand their ability to meet their missions and advance the permanently affordable housing sector.

Over the years the relationship and collaborative activities have grown to bring the organizations closer together. The organizations are currently partnering on a number of key projects including:

  • Jointly funding a senior policy associate position at the Network who manages the Policy Action Committee and our efforts to expand permanently affordable housing through equitable development;
  • The Capacity Building Institutes which the Network plans and coordinates for the Cornerstone Homeownership Innovation Program grantees; and
  • The Standards Project that will result in a set of industry standards and related best practices for CLTs and permanently affordable housing programs.

We look forward to communicating with our stakeholders and members as we continue our discussions. In particular, we’d love to hear from you in person at the 2014 National Conference over lunch on Tuesday.

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