Zeinab Hosseini, BS

Masters student, Urban & Regional Planning, Environmental Studies Department, York University

Toronto, Canada

(416) 875-4080


Zeinab Hosseini is a Master candidate in Urban  Planning at York University in Toronto, Canada. Zeinab completed her bachelor’s degree in Urban and Regional Environment at York University. She worked for the City of Toronto at the Affordable Housing Office where she was involved in advocating for an affordable housing campaign. She also received her Real Estate Licence in 2013 to get a better understanding of the Canadian housing market, laws and regulations. Currently, she is working part-time as a landscape designer for Hosseini Homes Corporation where she can put her earlier education to good use. Before coming to University, Zeinab earlier completed a program in landscape management and design at the Seneca College in Toronto, Canada.

She is also an aspiring community planner. Her final research paper is focused on community land trust for affordable housing. She aims to explore the benefits, costs and risks associated with implementing a community land trust. Part of her research involves preparing a survey to examine the willingness of housing providers in Ontario for implementing CLT for affordable housing. Her interest in studying community land trust stems from her work at the Affordable Housing Office in the City of Toronto where she did some research on Community Land Trust model. She hopes that her research will aid community-based organizations  and local governments considering the potential use of the community  land trust model for the creation of affordable housing and community redevelopment.

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