Tom Moore, PhD

Research Fellow, Department of Geography & Sustainable Development, Centre for Housing Research, University of St. Andrews

Dundee, UK


Tom is a Research Fellow at the Centre for Housing Research, University of St Andrews in Scotland. He is also an elected member of the Housing Studies Association (a learned society that supports and promotes applied housing research in the UK and internationally). Tom has conducted research on CLTs in England since 2008. His PhD explored the roots and development of the English CLT sector at a national level, focusing on the strategies and processes through which CLTs acquire the resources, technical skills and policy support from partners in the public and third sectors in order to address local housing issues. A further research project in 2013, funded by the British Academy, focused on the local benefits that CLTs bring to their residents and communities, as well as highlighting the key factors that help or hinder their development. Ongoing research interests related to CLTs include: international comparison of CLT sectors; exploration of how and for whom CLTs develop perpetually affordable housing; and the opportunities CLTs present for community empowerment and development.

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