Serge Atherwood, BLA

Senior Vice President, Urban Revitalization Solutions; Masters student, Community and Economic Development, College of Agricultural Sciences, Pennsylvania State University

Fort Lauderdale, FL

(954) 871-1364

Serge’s interest in CLTs and shared equity homeownership stems from two sources — seven years of experience in urban planning and community redevelopment, and his current studies at Pennsylvania State University in community and economic development. From them, he has come to learn about the shortcomings of traditional community-building policies and about the opportunities that the CLT model holds for urban renewal. The CLT model represents a “third way” between the dichotomy of renting and mortgaging that may serve the great numbers of low-income households in this country. Because of this, the CLT model also serves as an excellent tool for community building, neighborhood stabilization, and local economic development (LED). These three things are Serge’s professional passions. Additionally, Serge is engaged in the early stages of CLT research in Broward County, FL, with my colleagues Rebecca Walter and Mandy Spangler.

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