Oksana Mironova

Masters in Urban Planning, Urban Affairs and Planning Department, CUNY Hunter

Brooklyn, NY



Oksana’s graduate research has thus far focused on the historical development of affordable housing in New York City, including public housing, limited-equity co-ops, and rent regulation. As an undergraduate student at the New School, she designed an independent senior thesis project focused on public housing in Coney Island, which included census data analysis and extensive interviews with community members. Her graduate studio project addressed the housing policy implications of the over-commodification of New York City’s housing. In addition, she has conducted freelance research for clients including Placeworx LLC, Asphalt Green, Public Research Institute, New School, and 596 Acres. Oksana’s is currently working on an independent study focusing on shared equity housing. Her goal is to better understand the role of shared equity housing in the post-foreclosure crisis market and to make the idea of shared equity housing more accessible to planners and the general population.

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