Jason Zavala, MA



President, Mitigate Inc.

Liberty, TN



Jason Zavala is principal for MitiGate, Inc., a mortgage and consumer financial education consulting firm established in 2002. Jason completed a Masters of Arts in Community Economic Development Policy from Southern New Hampshire University in 2009, and provides consulting for groups such as eHome America, Cornerstone Partnership, the National Industry Standards, Freddie Mac, and ICF International. He also sits on THDA’s Housing Education Advisory Board in 2011, and is the outgoing Chair of the Housing Counselors and Educators of TN association. Jason provides integral technical assistance to non-profit programs in coaching best practices, developing metrics and workflows, and pre-purchase and foreclosure intervention program management. His services have included providing national instruction in over 20 courses as a subject matter expert and trainer in homeownership and community lending for NeighborWorks America since 1999; and creating courses in post purchase education, marketing, and financial capabilities – which includes consumer behavioral economics evaluation. Other efforts by Mr. Zavala have included NFMC and HHF monitoring and design assistance, review and evaluation for national training resource materials, and provides research, interviews and environmental scans and leading focus groups.



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