Edwin Stromberg, MA

Program Manager, Office of Policy Development and Research, U.S. Department of Housing & Urban Development

Washington, D.C.

(202) 402-5727


Ed Stromberg has managed the sustainability research program, which has succeeded the Regulatory Barriers and the Environmental Impacts research program in HUD’s Office of Policy Development and Research. As program manager, he was responsible for developing, implementing and managing research on sustainable communities, regulatory barriers to affordable housing, and on brownfields, green building, and growth management issues, and on the relationship between environmental mandates and housing and community development programs. With over thirty-five years of experience as a program manager of federal research on urban housing research issues, he has also managed major research initiatives on neighborhood preservation, intergovernmental cooperation and reform, urban rehabilitation efforts, and fair housing initiatives. Currently, he is concentrating his efforts on studying the role of shared equity homeownership and its role in HUD policy and programs.

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