Alicia Sanchez, MSW

Doctoral student, Community Research & Action Program, Human & Organizational Development Department, Vanderbilt University

Nashville, TN

(404) 423-8523

Alicia’s previous experience in housing is diverse.  She’s worked with the Enterprise Foundation in Atlanta, started a housing non-profit in post-Katrina New Orleans, and worked with the Office of University-Community Partnerships at Emory University in a number of projects in the community development field.  Her research on CLTs focuses primarily on the neighborhood effects of CLT properties.  Her research asks:  What are the neighborhood effects where CLT properties are located? How can these effects be adequately detected and measured? Do CLT properties lower housing values or contribute to neighborhood decay? And, what are the perceptions of CLT properties and homeowners? Do perceptions of CLT properties as “low-income” affect how CLT properties and homeowners are observed and accepted/rejected in neighborhoods?  While her research primarily focuses on neighborhood effects of CLTs, Alicia also seeks to examine the interaction of NIMBYism (not in my back yard) with the observed neighborhood effects.

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