Presenter Information: Intersections 2015

Thank you so much for being a part of Intersections 2015! We are so excited to have you and are looking forward to an informative, inspiring and fun gathering with more than 30 sessions, 60 presenters and 300 attendees.

General Conference Information

Conference presenters are responsible for your own travel and hotel arrangements. The closest airport to the conference is Blue Grass Airport (LEX). Hotel rooms at the Lexington Downtown are $139/night plus tax, for conference presenters and attendees. Reserve your room before September 18, 2015 to get the group rate.

Conference Registration

Conference registration will open late summer/ early fall and each conference presenter must register. The Network will send Session Organizers a “complimentary code” and Session Presenters a “discount code” to use in the online registration system.

Session Development Tips

Most sessions at the conference are 90 minutes. The Network suggests that you follow a general outline of 60 minutes of content and 30 minutes of discussion, questions or other active participation. If you are unsure of your session length, email Beth Sorce.

While we won’t know exactly who will be attending the conference until registration opens, we expect the majority of attendees will be shared equity homeownership practitioners, advocates and organizers.

Conference attendees generally place the most value on sessions that are (1) participatory and (2) immediately applicable to their work. Think about presenting information in a way that engages participants and leaves them with tips, tools and strategies.

Session Materials

The Network’s conferences are paperless. Session Organizers are responsible for bringing 50 copies of any hard copy handouts that you want to use in your session (optional). The Network will also collect electronic copies of presentations and handouts and make them available to conference attendees via the Network’s website.

Room Set-up and Onsite Expectations

Session Organizers are responsible for providing: (1) a laptop computer (if necessary), (2) a remote for advancing slides (if desired), and (3) 50 hard-copies of handouts (if desired).

The Network will ensure that each room will be set up in a classroom style (unless otherwise noted) and will provide: (1) a projector, (2) a screen, (3) power and table for the laptop and projector, (4) access to wireless internet, and (5) a flip chart, easel and pens.

We strongly recommend that you visit your classroom at least 15 minutes before the start of your session in order to test technology.

Need More Information?

If there is anything that the Network can do to support your efforts, please email Beth Sorce. We’re happy to answer questions, talk through session content or otherwise help in any way that we can.

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