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New Research: Inclusionary Housing

In the past year, the Network has partnered with the Lincoln Institute of Land Policy to research and produce a new report, “Achieving Lasting Affordability through Inclusionary Housing,” to help to uncover the landscape of inclusionary housing. The unprecedented survey includes the prevalence and practices used to create affordable housing with lasting affordability. We hope this report and our other research on community land trusts will help improve outcomes for all permanent affordable housing programs.


The Network’s Executive Director Melora Hiller comments on the study’s importance:

Photo: Melora Hiller

Melora Hiller, Executive Director

“This working paper, by Robert Hickey, Lisa Sturtevant, and Emily Thaden, has gotten unprecedented attention. Within a week of this research being published, the Network and Cornerstone Partnership held a Policy Action Committee Meeting on inclusionary housing, where its authors from the Center for Housing Policy highlighted the report’s findings. With close to 150 attendees, the need for research and resources on inclusionary housing and affordability preservation was astoundingly clear.


“Up until this research, we didn’t know how many inclusionary housing programs existed across the country. We didn’t know how many of them are creating homes with lasting affordability, and we didn’t have standardized and detailed information on the practices being used by a large sample of these programs. This working paper provides the answers to all of these questions.


“As local housing markets heat up and federal affordable housing programs continue to be underfunded, more cities and communities are turning to inclusionary zoning policies to not only increase the supply of affordable homes but to also ensure these homes remain affordable. CLTs and inclusionary housing programs share many goals, which is leading to growing partnerships between the two. The Network will continue to release additional resources for inclusionary housing programs, including a directory of U.S. programs, a sample documents library, a publications library, and a Policy Focus Report to help cities think through inclusionary housing program adoption.”


Melora Hiller, Network Executive Director


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