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The Network Expands Capacity with CCHD Grant

We are delighted to announce that the Network has been awarded a $478,000 Strategic National Grant from the Catholic Campaign for Human Development to the support the growth of our sector and our members’ work nationwide. This generous grant significantly increases the Network’s capacity to foster new community land trusts, expand nationwide advocacy efforts and develop resident leadership for the sector. Over the next few years, these funds help us:
  1. Provide greater capacity building support for start-up CLTs through a new staff position, technical assistance grants and an online start-up hub.
  2. Grow resident leadership by developing a resident advisory board to the Network and providing meaningful leadership training for that board.
  3. Expand national advocacy efforts on behalf of community land trusts and permanent affordable housing programs through new technology and greater resident mobilization.
  4. Invest $100,000 in a residential development demonstration project conducted by a member who is in partnership with a Catholic organization, church, diocese or archdiocese.

We are still in the very early phases of implementing these initiatives and look forward to staying in touch with members on how you can take advantage of these new opportunities.

We are especially looking for potential candidates for the residential development demonstration project. If you have an existing partnership with a Catholic Church (or are in the process of forming a partnership) and have a project coming up that could be a candidate for the demonstration project, please email Beth Sorce at We hope you’ll stay involved as we work with CCHD to strengthen our sector.
Our sincere thanks to the CCHD for their vote of confidence in the ability of community land trusts and permanently affordable housing to change outcomes for low income families and communities. Explore more about the Catholic Campaign for Human Development and consider applying for a CCHD Economic Development Grant to help your community land trust or permanent affordable housing program.
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