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Members Approve Integration with Cornerstone Partnership

After many outreach calls, three webinars, and two weeks of voting, Network members overwhelmingly approved the bylaws changes allowing the Network to take the next steps to consolidate operations with Cornerstone Partnership. The Network Board and staff are looking forward to working closely with Cornerstone staff over the next six months to lay the groundwork for the future success of our combined organization.

Over 62% of our Members voted in the election with the final count at 65 in favor and 13 opposed. We will pay special attention to the comments that some Members shared to ensure that we preserve the support for and attention to community land trusts.

This consolidation will join the energy and expertise of two organizations into a single entity focused on promoting equitable and inclusive communities. Our work will continue to focus on preserving individual and community assets for low- and moderate-income households with special attention to the role that lasting affordability plays in preserving housing choices and preventing displacement. We believe that we will be stronger, together.

The long-term goals of the new organization are to:

Reframe the national conversation about “housing issues” as issues about equality, opportunity, access and social justice;

Support the work of practitioners in community land trusts, deed restricted housing programs, and other shared equity programs and ensure that public funding and policies prioritize lasting affordability in the affordable housing sector;

Help shift local debates about growth and development to conversations about community control of development and its benefits;

Empower communities to apply policy tools that preserve economic diversity and tap into market growth to foster diversity where it is missing;

Further the adoption of sound inclusionary housing policies that have real impact on the number, type, and location of housing opportunities for people at all incomes; and,

Support successful local campaigns in high visibility municipalities, using them to fuel a paradigm shift in how people think about anti-displacement and housing choice in communities.

We still have a lot of work to do before the consolidation is official on January 1, 2016, including final approvals by the Boards of Capital Impact Partners and the Network. Over the next six months, teams from both organizations will be working together to:

Identify and recruit a strong Board of Directors;

Develop a staffing plan to effectively deliver on our mission; and

Build the infrastructure for efficient operations.

We want to share our appreciation for the members of the Network’s Integration Task Force and Board of Directors who have worked tirelessly to get us to this point. We’ve asked a lot of each of these volunteers and we are incredibly grateful for their leadership and guidance over the last year. Thank you!

We know you may still have questions about this process. We’ll be providing updates as they become available and plan to share a complete update at our National Conference in Lexington, KY in October. You should also feel free to reach out to me with questions.

Thank you,

Melora Hiller,
Executive Director

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