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Member Access

The Network is the national source for resources on community land trusts and other permanent affordable housing programs (PAH). We are and have always been a membership organization, drawing on the support and expertise of our members to create relevant tools for the community land trust movement.

Many of our tools and resources are provided under a creative commons license to anyone interested in exploring the community land trust model. Network Members and Allies can also access expert resources, like the model ground lease and other resource-intensive tools.

“Member-only resources” require that: 1) your organization is a Network member, and 2) you use a log-in. Contact us if you need log-in information:

By restricting this access to members and allies, the Network is able to reward the member expertise that makes these resources possible in the first place, as well leverage member support to create even more content. We work to make membership affordable and accessible to all CLTs and PAHs. Explore the benefits of membership– membership is now only $100 per year for first time members.

Questions or comments? Please contact us at

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