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Joint Newsletter a Prelude to Joint Work

For those of you who are members of both Cornerstone Partnership and the National Community Land Trust Network, you’ll be getting one fewer newsletter in your inbox this month. As we move closer to the launch of a new, integrated organization, we’re already combining our newsletters for November and December. There’s lots of other work that we’re doing as we get ready for our January 1, 2016 launch. We’re not quite at a point where we can make big announcements, but we are moving forward on:

  • Board Recruitment: Thanks to all of you who applied to serve on the new Board! We received truly wonderful response to our call for applicants, and the Nominations Committee (with representatives from both Cornerstone and the Network) has had the hard job of narrowing down the list. We will notify all applicants once the final slate is approved and announce the new Board next month.
  • Branding: Thank you for your input on our earlier branding survey! We’re not quite ready to unveil a new name or logo, but this work is well underway. Stay tuned.
  • Work Planning: As we start to plan our work for next year, we’ve been reaching out to members of both organizations for input on how we can support you and help connect you to each other. As we gear up for next year, we’re mapping out our capacity building program, national, state, and local policy work, research and evaluation initiatives, and HomeKeeper work plans.
  • Systems Integration: We are planning and setting up systems for a major transfer of information and staff into a new entity. While things are well underway, we expect to still be “unpacking boxes” around the first of the year. We hope you’ll forgive us if there are a few glitches along the way.

Despite the extra work and chaos of this move, we are very excited about starting joint operations. The more we plan the new entity, the more we remain convinced that the whole will be greater than the sum of the parts. Together, we look forward to creating more impact in the world and doing more good for our communities than each organization operating separately. We look forward to promoting economically and racially inclusive communities through a multi-faceted approach – by giving a home to CLTs and the CLT movement within a larger organization that also welcomes other communities of practice, by supporting CLT and other housing practitioners, and by promoting local, state, and federal policy that will lead to affordable homes, stable communities, and access to opportunity.

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