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Homekeeper Adoption Grants 2014

The Network has awarded all seven of our 2014 Homekeeper Adoption Grants to:

Habitat for Humanity of South Palm Beach County
Windham & Windsor Housing Trust
Northwest Montana CLT
Neighborhood Housing Services of Silicon Valley
Hennepin County CLT Partnership (City of Lakes & Homes Within Reach)
Morris Habitat for Humanity
Community Land Trust of Palm Beach County

Congratulations to the grantees who will bring almost 1,200 homes into the HomeKeeper system.

As you may already know, the 2014 HomeKeeper adoption grants were limited to organizations with twenty or more units on the ground, which meant that many Network members were ineligible for this opportunity.  The Network established this eligibility threshold in close collaboration with HomeKeeper staff and based it upon feedback from current and past adopters.

We learned that smaller organizations face two challenges in adopting HomeKeeper.  The first challenge is identifying the financial resources needed to cover the upfront costs associated with adopting HomeKeeper. The Network’s adoption grants can help minimize this challenge.

The second challenge is identifying the human resources needed for the on-boarding process which includes creating data management protocols and entering back data. This second challenge is not eased through an adoption grant and is a significant and ongoing challenge for all users, but especially for those with limited staff capacity.

Both the Network and HomeKeeper are committed to finding ways to help smaller programs gain access to HomeKeeper.  We are experimenting with several models where users can share membership costs and staffing responsibilities amongst a small group of organizations and this seems like a promising lead.  If you are a small program and would like to share your ideas or thoughts about HomeKeeper adoption and use, please feel free to reach out to Beth at

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