First Mortgage Lending Partners

Below are mortgage lending partners that are interested in lending to buyers of CLT homes. It is the responsibility of the CLT or organization to ensure that mortgage loans are safe, sound, and affordable for their buyers. The Network has not reviewed or approved these lending institutions, their representatives, or their loan products.

BANC Home Loans can provide financing to purchase or refinance CLT properties using 30-year, conventional, fixed-rate Fannie Mae loans that do not have any prepayment penalty. BANC Home Loans can work in every state except Alabama, Delaware, Kansas, New Hampshire, Rhode Island, Vermont, and Wyoming. Contact Chris Doolittle to discuss a partnership with your organization at or 707-303-2902.

Salmon Bay Community Lending can provide financing to purchase or refinance CLT properties using Fannie Mae or USDA products. Salmon Bay Lending is able to work in Washington state.  Kim Toskey has extensive experience lending to multiple CLTs. Contact her to learn more and establish a partnership: or 425-422-5286.

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