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New Research: Community and Resident Engagement in CLTs

Resident and Community Engagement in CLTs
by Emily Thaden and Jeffrey Lowe

Read the paper at the Lincoln Institute of Land Policy>

In the past year, the Network has partnered with the Lincoln Institute of Land Policy to produce a new report on Resident and Community Engagement that may promote the outcomes of CLTs engagement efforts.

Network Board President Brenda Torpy comments on its importance:

Brenda Torpy-Resized HS“Community Land Trusts (CLTs) are doing all sorts of resident and community engagement activities, from organizing advocacy campaigns to holding neighborhood picnics. Nevertheless, little research and few resources have been available for practitioners to systematically think through their objectives and whether on-the-ground engagement activities actually align with these objectives.

This working paper by Emily Thaden and Jeffrey Lowe helps to conceptually map the rationale for resident and community engagement based upon the experiences of six well-established community land trust. Going a step further, the ‘Discussion’ section of this paper illuminates how the era and context surrounding a specific community land trust’s¬†establishment carries forward into ongoing practices for resident and community engagement.

I advocated for this research because of my belief that the ‘C’ in CLT is more than a nice way to bring people together to create community for its own sake, but rather a way to build and sustain our CLTs and to bring wealth and power to the people that we are here to serve. I hope this paper sparks a conversation about, not just why, but how community land trusts¬†can build solidarity among their members to the lasting benefit of their missions.”

-Brenda Torpy, Network Board President

Read “Resident and Community Engagement in CLTs”>

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