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CLTs celebrate the anniversary of the ADA

July 26th will mark the 24th anniversary of Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA). This act awarded civil rights protections to individuals with disabilities and assured equal opportunity for access to businesses, employment, transportation and other key programs and services. As community land trusts (CLTs), developing homes and spaces designed for people of all ages and abilities is essential to our mission of creating access to for marginalized communities.

This anniversary provides a great opportunity for community land trusts and permanent affordable housing programs to raise awareness about the housing needs of people with disabilities and to examine how we can better meet the needs of people of all abilities. The ADA Network has an anniversary toolkit that can help organizations start brainstorming.

Make it CLT/ PAH specific: Learn more about the seven principles of universal design and how they can be used to create equitable and accessible communities by accessing materials from Amy Wright’s presentation on universal design at the 2014 National CLT conference resource page and reading more at the Center for Universal Design.

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