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Catholic-CLT Demonstration Project Grants Awarded

Catholic-CLT Demonstration Project Grants Awarded

The Network is pleased to announce that we have awarded not one but two grants to partnerships between community land trusts and Catholic entities for their work in providing home-ownership opportunities to low-income households.

Albany Community Land Trust

Albany Community Land Trust (Albany, NY), in partnership with Catholic Charities Housing Office (CCHO) will use their grant money to acquire, rehab and occupy two, 2-unit buildings. Albany, NY is becoming an increasingly bifurcated rental market, with new investment in housing either being high-end, luxury homes or very low-income tax credit developments on available vacant land. The city needs more of the kind of housing development that Albany Community Land Trust and Catholic Charities Housing Office provide — one and two-unit houses for families transitioning out of shelters and those on a path toward home-ownership.

The duplexes funded through this initiative will be part of the Albany CLT but will be developed in two different ways. On one property, Albany CLT will own both the land and the home and will be responsible for the renovation. On the other Albany CLT will retain ownership of the land but Catholic Charities Housing Office will own and renovate the duplex. By experimenting with two different models of ownership and tenure, Albany CLT and Catholic Charities Housing Office will be able to explore and evaluate the most effective working relationship. Further, both organizations believe that by working together, they will be able to better serve their community.

T.R.U.S.T. South LA

Due to real estate speculation and increased development activities associated with the University of Southern California and a new light rail line, more than 1,000 parishioners of St. Agnes Church in Los Angeles, CA have been displaced due to increased housing costs over the past decade. T.R.U.S.T South LA, in collaboration with St. Agnes leaders and parishioners, believe that they can stem the tide of displacement by acquiring small and medium sized multi-family properties in the neighborhood, removing them from the speculative market and converting them into resident owned and operated housing cooperatives on CLT land.

T.R.U.S.T South LA, along with their partners, will use their Network grant award to further develop and implement their idea, called the Mosaic Initiative. City leaders, stewards of a $20 million fund of university dollars, are eagerly awaiting the demonstration project’s success with interest in replicating the results across the neighborhood.

Albany CLT, T.R.U.S.T South LA and their partners were selected through a competitive grant application process because their projects will

  1. Fulfill a substantial community need for more permanently affordable housing,
  2. Serve as demonstration projects within their own communities and
  3. Help inspire and inform both the greater Network membership and the Catholic community. Network staff will be working with the grantees to implement their projects and to document and disseminate the lessons learned along the way.

Questions about these projects or more on how the grants were awarded? Please contact Beth Sorce. Thank you to the Catholic Campaign for Human Development for their generous support to make these grants possible.

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