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Building a Strong CLT Community of Practice in the New Organization

Share your ideas about how we can build a strong CLT community of practice in the new organization through this online discussion series.

At the national conference in Lexington, more than 80 CLT practitioners shared their thoughts and concerns about the community land trust specific community of practice in the new organization. With very limited meeting time, neither Members nor staff felt that the conversation was complete. So, we all agreed to continue thinking and talking via the Network’s webinar system.

On Monday, November 9, Members participated in a virtual meeting to talk about the function of a CLT community of practice. We brainstormed high level objectives, how the new organization can best support CLT Members, how CLT Members can best support one another and how CLTs can support the new organization.

On Monday, December 7, Members continued the virtual conversation by talking about how we can actualize some of the functions brainstormed in the previous meeting and how we could define “CLT” for membership within the community of practice.

At the end of the meeting, a number of Members volunteered to participate in a working group along with John Davis and Network staff to continue fleshing out the details of the community of practice. Their work, building upon the conversations to date, will be summarized in a memo that will be shared in early 2016 with Members and the new organization’s board of directors.

If you have questions or comments, please contact Beth Sorce, the Network’s Community & Capacity Building Manager.

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