2011 CLT Technical Manual

The Network is pleased to make this technical guide available to community land trust practitioners and those interested in organizing new CLTs. The CLT Technical Manual is a work that has evolved during a quarter century when CLT experience itself was evolving rapidly. In its newly expanded form, the manual provides a comprehensive, practical guide for the ongoing operation of CLTs, as well as for the future of CLT start-ups. For CLT practitioners, the 2011 CLT Technical Manual serves to replace the 2002 ICE Legal Manual.

CLT TECHNICAL MANUAL (ePub): This is a draft version (without footnotes) that you can read on your iPad or any eReader program that can read ePub files.

CLT TECHNICAL MANUAL (PDF): This combines all of the individual PDF files (below), and includes the annotated table of contents, as well as all footnotes/ endnotes.  Each chapter is paginated separately.


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